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As being leading manufacturer and exporter of best quality valve for different industrial applications, we have designed best quality Globe Valve with vast choice. It is commonly used to start, stop and regulate the flow of medium. It is also used to control flow of the medium.
For the different service area of globe valve it can be designed with specific setting of stem, disc and seat. Our globe valve with parabolic disc and control disc is widely used for varied operational regions.

Our globe valves are fabricated from different material of construction like cast iron, WC-1, WC-6, WC-9, WCB, LCB, CF-3, CF-3M, CF-8M, CN-7M, CD4-Cu., SG IRON and Hastelloy. Our offered globe valves are available with assurance of 100% smoth flow and reduced pressure drop.

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It is also available for high temperature oils and liquids. Easy to install, maintain and repair Globe Valves are constructed under brand name FLOEC and offered with simple to complex custom design for pressure rating and size options.